Saturday, October 15, 2011

My First Muppet...

Well, as you all know I love puppets.

I haven't been doing very well at making my own lately, largely feeling that I have lacked any kind of creativity. But I have a couple of ideas for a couple of new ones, one in particular that I think is going to be cool. I have also been planning on cutting back on the "hard to build" puppets, and focusing more on the easy to make ones because they are simply more enjoyable to put together. I also have an order for a puppet right now, so I'll be working on him later this week. It's also a good order, and by that I mean a cool that alone has got me a bit excited about working on them again. I also need to finish a couple of characters that I have had "almost done" for months. I also need to STILL finish another Yeti, Jr puppet for myself, and make a dinosaur for myself. So basically, I have to finish two, start and finish two more, make the new character I have in mind, and build the new order puppet. So that's a LOT of puppet making that I'll be doing...but it's alright, because it's getting a bit colder out and that's when it's good to stay inside and make puppets.

But anyways.

Moving on.

Tonight Cathy and I were at Toys R Us looking at some stuff, and I came across a VERY cool thing. FAO Schwarz is a well known toy store that has been pretty much absorbed by Toys R Us. While we were there, I found a Muppet Whatnot...which is something that FAO started a while ago. It's basically a generic Muppet character. The cool part?? They are the ACTUAL Muppets used in the background of Muppets movies and shows. IT comes in a cool box with a bunch of eyes, hair, and other accessories so you can basically make it your own character.

They sell for $40 less than what they sell for on the FAO website, so I went ahead and picked one up.

So now, even though it's not a well known Muppet, I actually have my very first official Muppet. And it's AWESOME!!!!

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