Saturday, October 29, 2011

Garage Door Disaster...

Today I didn't go to work because I didn't feel good.

When Cathy was leaving, however, I heard a huge crash from inside the garage. I thought that the door had come down on her car or something...when I saw that the garage seemed fine, I thought maybe something had fallen on my car, like one of my bicycles or something.

On closer inspection, it turned out one of the tension springs had broken in two. It was broken so that I couldn't get my car out, so I went ahead and cut the broken part and wound the good part back on so that I could at least get the garage up to get my car out.

The problem was when I finally got it out, the cables that actually hook the door to the bar with the tension springs somehow had come completely unraveled from their spools.

My dad thinks that maybe we can put the new spring on ourselves and get it up and running again, but I'm thinking about maybe just getting a new door opener and having it installed and having the technicians fix whatever has gone wrong with the door at the same time. I found some pretty nice openers for around $200, and the installation wasn't too expensive. It looks like to have Sears do the new springs would be $139 for the labor and the parts. I'm hoping that maybe if we got the springs, labor for that, a new opener, and labor for that they would go ahead and just rewind those cables for me.

Hopefully it doesn't end up costing us an arm and a leg, though.

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