Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Headphones Arrived...

I got my headphones today. They came packaged in a cool box with a nice case inside it. The only "not nice" thing about the packaging/instruction materials is the little booklet that came with them could have used a bit more proof reading. Lots of little spelling errors and such, which is too bad because the history of Koss and his interactions with Tony Bennett are actually kind of interesting.

I got them plugged in, and with the iPod they SEEMED a bit quiet. I let Cathy listen, and she said they didn't seem very quiet at all. This is when I realized that they seemed quiet because they sounded so good.

When I used to work in car audio, it was a well known fact that loudness doesn't generally "hurt" your ears (I'm not talking about damaging them, but making you think "This hurts my ears!!"), distortion does. When you built a really loud car audio system, it would actually sound a bit quieter than some other systems because it lacked distortion.

That's what I realized about 15 minutes into using the headphones. There is virtually zero distortion in them, which belies how loud they actually are. They seem a bit quiet, but in fact they are easily just as loud as anything I've ever used...they simply sound so much better.

I'm happy with them, they seem like a nice set of headphones. They are definitely for travel and home use, though. I won't be using these bad boys when I'm out mowing the lawn!!!

Now, I just need that Kindle Fire to show up so that I have something to really use them with!!!!

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