Thursday, October 13, 2011


On October 23rd Cathy and I will be heading to Chicago for the day.

We'll be going to the 2011 iHobby Expo.

I'm not sure exactly why, but I actually got invited to the show as a guest of the guy that's in charge of Horizon Hobby's product development, Mark Reed.

He contacted me on UltimateRC after posting a few times in some of the threads. Maybe it was my love of all things Electrix that caught his attention, or maybe it was the couple of "fixes" that I've managed to work out for some of the weak points of their trucks.

Either way, it should be fun. He said he would like me to meet the Electrix team, and that's pretty awesome.

Electrix has a couple of new trucks coming out this fall. I'm hoping that maybe...just the show they have a few of them for sale, so that I might be able to get one before they go on sale to the rest of the country.

That would be awesome!!

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