Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So, after building my B4...and spending way more than I had originally planned on it...I just kind of had a sour taste in my mouth for it. It wasn't what I really wanted when I first started looking for a buggy, and again, the fact that I spent so much time and money on it just kind of put me off to it.

So tomorrow I'm selling it to my friend Alex.

With the money that I get from it, I'll be buying the buggy that I wanted all along...and keeping myself in the family of vehicles that I am most comfortable with.

An Electrix Boost.

It will immediately get some adjustable camber links, some VXL drive shafts, and a 2.4ghz receiver.

I will then probably be looking to upgrade to a 13.5t or a 10.5t sensored motor to power it.

I will also be adding the new Electrix all metal gears for the transmission.

I'm happy that I'm getting the buggy I really wanted all along. I had originally gone with the B4 because I thought it would be easier to get race ready...but then it ended up needing a bunch of parts to get itself road ready...let alone race ready.

The Boost will be fun to get into the swing of driving buggies, and it also puts me more in my comfort zone with products that I like to work on.

It should be here next week.

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