Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today was me and Cathy's Three Year Anniversary!!!

We ended up going to Lansing to go to Chili's for dinner, and then we went to the couple of stores in the Meridian Mall that we don't have by us to look around.

After that we came home and watched a movie..."Gamera vs Mystery Science Theater 3000." It was pretty funny.

I think that Cathy had a good day, and I know that I did. We also exchanged a couple of gifts. Cathy got me a Perplexus Epic, which is a cool maze game that is inside of a ball. She also got me a really cool "family portrait" of her, me, and all the pets. She also gave me "Batman Arkham City" as an early gift last week. I gave her a dancing game for her Xbox, and two big LEGO sets that she has wanted.

Tomorrow is Cathy's birthday, and we might end up going to Applebee's for dinner, but I'm not sure what we'll do.

It's been a pretty great three years. Looking forward to many more!!!

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