Tuesday, October 4, 2011

LiPo Fire...

Got to drive this thing on a small track today. It's WAY too fast for the track it was on.

I did get some good bashing in with it, though, and it seems REALLY tough. The only thing I managed to damage was the wing. Got a small crack in it, but that's not really a big deal.

I did, however, managed to kill two of my LiPo packs with it.

Both batteries were on the right side of the buggy and both of them had the right side bullet connection come unsoldered from the pack...basically, it cracked the solder in half. I traced the issue to the harness I had made. The way I had the wiring run it was causing some unnecessary pressure on that exact input, so I'm going to say that was the issue.

Only problem, now, though is that I'm down to only one LiPo, and it's a smaller one for my other trucks.

I had three...two that got damaged and another one. Get this...when I went to crack open the LiPo packs to see what was wrong, I got one cracked open and saw the issue. So I went to crack the other one open and punctured the cell...POOF...LiPo fire.

Now, you might be wondering what happened to the third one...well, as I looked at the pack on the ground that was all melted, I glanced up and...what do you know, the one that I punctured was the GOOD battery. I had mistakenly grabbed it instead of the one that had stopped working.

So I fried my one good pack.


Now I've got to buy two new ones just to get the XTM back up and running.

Man, this hobby is costing me a fortune!!!

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