Saturday, September 10, 2011

Three Horrible Starts to Days in a Row...

So Thursday Cathy and I got up and headed to work.

Oddly enough, I felt good about going in to work and was looking forward to a fun week with my co-workers.

Of course, that was short lived. We got there and about five minutes into our day they let us know that we were going to have to work mandatory overtime on Friday, and that our hours had changed on Saturday. Great. Just what I wanted to hear when I was in a good mood.

So we made it through that day, and woke up on Friday...only to find that Cooper had gone potty on our brand new love seat. I ripped it apart and got everything cleaned up, but the cushion is going to take a few days to dry. So we have a love seat with only one seat on it. Great way to start out Friday.

So we end up making it through Friday and get up on Saturday morning. Everything is going fine, we're going in early to get another hour of overtime, and I grab my wallet. I put it in my pocket, and then I look at my arm and it's covered in black stuff. I couldn't figure out what it was, until I noticed that my pen had exploded in my front pocket of my work shirt. So I went to grab my other one, and wouldn't you know it...I couldn't find my other one that fits, and the only one I could find was too small. So instead of getting an hour of overtime this morning I ended up using two hours of leave time because I didn't make it in on time after having to wash my shirt a couple of times.

I'm hoping the rest of the week goes just a tad bit smoother.

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