Friday, September 16, 2011

Been Doing Some Reading...

I was looking for things to do in Michigan on Halloween because we will have the day off this year, and while looking around I found this interesting book on the web.

I ordered it from Amazon and it showed up pretty quickly.

It's pretty cool. Basically, it starts off giving you a history of each haunted location that the authors have visited. It tells you WHY the place might be haunted and gives you some witness accounts of happenings. Then the second part of each story goes into the actual investigation that the authors did with various other paranormal investigation groups.

After you've finished reading each story, you can then go to the website that the authors have set up and enter a code that is printed with each story to get into a "Secret Room" where you can see the photos, videos, and listen to the recordings that they captured while doing the investigation!!

I don't read very often, but I've been having a good time reading this. They also have a second book out, so I'll probably order that one as soon as I'm done with this first one.

I would like to start reading a bit more...I'm not sure if I actually will, but I would like to. It's relaxing.

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