Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Building a Hybrid Buggy/Truck Thing...

I have pretty much everything done to all of my RC trucks and buggies that I want to have done to them. I need to do one more thing to the Backslash...and that's get some hardened shock shafts to replace the ones I bent. I also would like to get a new body for the Ruckus, but that's not really necessary...just something that I would like to do.

That means that the only truck that isn't really done is CircuitTWO. I had originally bought CircuitTWO as a parts truck, but then I managed to get everything on CircuitONE fixed without using many parts from the other truck.

So I basically have an "extra" stadium truck that really only needs a few things to get it running. It needs some transmission gears, because I took the gears out of it to put into the Ruckus when i smashed the gears in it. It needs some shock spacers because I robbed them off of it for some other trucks, but that's not an issue because I just got some new aluminum shocks for the other Circuit, so those spacers can be put back on right away.

Other than that, it just needs a motor combo for it because it's only got stock electronics in it.

But I don't really NEED another stadium truck...so what to do??

I got it...I'll make it into some crazy hybrid buggy thing.

Like this...

Or this...from another angle...

It's basically the stock Circuit chassis, with a hacked up body that I wasn't going to be using from a B4.

It actually looks pretty sweet...like a standard 1/10th buggy with a really wide wheel set and big wheels.

Now the only thing I really need to decide is what type of motor combo I want to go with for it. I had thought about getting another 380 combo like I have for the B4, but then I kind of thought about going insane...with like a 5700kv motor and a 120a ESC to get this thing up into the 60-65 MPH range.

Of course, I could always just go with another Castle system and call it a day.

Either way I decide to go, I think it's going to be a really cool little project. I've got a wing mount on the way for it, but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it. I kind of like the looks of the vehicle with just the body on it.

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