Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bunch of New Stuff For CircuitONE...

So, CircuitONE was the first RC car that I got...and it's been too long since I did any work on it.

On the way for the Circuit right now are:
1. New body
2. New tires
3. New wheels
4. New fan for the motor
5. New aluminum shocks

I will be dying the wheels the same pink color as I did on the B4 buggy, and the body will be painted the same color as the B4 body, but with some added designs.

The fan for the motor is necessary because the other one bent, and I can't get it back to the correct shape for it to fit on the motor correctly.

The aluminum shocks are something that I have wanted since I first got the truck, and they are supposed to do a great job of rebounding and damping, so they should help the truck to jump quite a bit better.

Once I have all of these things installed, CircuitONE will pretty much be done. There won't be much more that I will possibly be able to do to it!!!!

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