Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Track Time...

Today Jason came down and we were going to go to a track in Hillsdale, Michigan...about 45 minutes from my house.

We got there around 3:00 or so, and bad news...rain washed all the dirt from the track away earlier this year, so it is no longer open. I did get some stuff from their little shop, but ultimately we were disappointed.

So we decided to drive the two hours give or take to Lansing to try the little track out at Grand Woods park.

Turned out to be totally worth it. The little track is great, and Jason and I were the only two there so we didn't feel crowded or anything like that...and we could crash all we wanted without worrying about getting into anyone else's way.

I ended up breaking a few things on two of my trucks, but got them fixed when I got home. Not too big of a deal.

I also had some stuff waiting for me when I got home...ball studs to put adjustable links on the Ruckus, a motor and ESC combo for the B4 buggy, and a new 4 wheel drive buggy by Tamiya called a Gravel Hound. I'll try to get some pictures of the Gravel Hound tomorrow. It's VERY cool looking.

I'll probably try to get to that track in Lansing a few more times before the fall really sets in. It was pretty awesome.

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