Sunday, January 3, 2010

Easy Come...Easy Go...

I got a pretty large bonus from work for this past year. I worked hard to get it, so I planned on spending it on another trip to Las Vegas for Cathy and I.

Well, pretty much the day I got it I bought the plane tickets...which were quite a bit more expensive than what I had planned because Spirit (who we flew the last two times) didn't have any flights going into Vegas at a good time OR coming back to Detroit. We ended up having to fly Northwest which was about twice as much...well, not quite twice as the Spirit tickets were.

We had already booked the hotel on Cathy's credit card, because we got a good deal on the hotel a month or more ago, so that money was basically already spoken for.

I also wanted to take $500 cash and basically put it off to the side so that I would have at LEAST that much as just some nice spending money for our trip.

So that used up a very large portion of my bonus. I then bought an expensive magic trick that I've wanted for a long time, and then had to buy the new router for the computer.

With all of that, my bonus is gone. I feel a bit bad because I went through it so quickly. I had never had that much money in my account all at one time, and almost instantly it seems like it was gone.

I think it was all worth it though. Like I said, I worked hard this year to get that bonus and I spent it on some things that I really wanted...the trip and the magic especially. I didn't really WANT a new router, but we needed one so that's alright.

I am going to keep trying to put a little away from each paycheck so that I can have even more money to spend on the trip...and that should be pretty easy to get started with when I get paid this next week because I have two holidays and some overtime all on the check. Not to mention my raise (which was another part of my year end bonus) kicks in so I'll be getting paid more than I normally do anyways. I am going to try to put another $100 at least away this coming week so that I have $600 to take with me...not including any extra money I get between now and the trip!!!

But, like I said, easy come...easy go...that seems to be the way it always is, right?

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Doug said...

I know exactly how you feel. I get paid on a bi-weekly paycheck.
(Usually twice/month) However, This means that approximately every six months or so, I end up getting 3 paychecks. I always try to budget for two paycheck months, hoping that I can pocket some if not most of the 3rd when it comes my way. Easy come Easy go must be related to Murphy, because I always have something come up unexpected which eats up that extra pay. But think how fortunate you are to have gotten that extra money and having had a little extra set aside. It would make things a whole lot more difficult if you hadn't.