Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For the First Time... quite literally, years, I paid for a haircut today.

For the last, probably 6 years, I have let my hair grow until it's too long for me to deal with and then I would just hack it all off with a set of clippers and start over again.

Well, I have been getting a bit tired of always having one of two things:
A. A mop of hair on my head that looks all shaggy.
B. No hair at all because it's shave down to a #2 guard.

So I have been growing it out for a little while with the intentions of getting it cut so that I could actually try to do something with it, and today I got to the point where it was time for the shaggy look to go.

I went to the local department store. It has a barber shop in it.

$19 including tip later I walked out with my hair looking pretty nice, manageable, not too long, and still able to be "done" a little bit if I really wanted to.

I like it quite a bit. The ONLY thing that I don't like about it?? The fact that it cost me nearly $20. I don't know how often I'll want to pay $20 to get my hair cut, especially when I have a nice set of clippers in the cabinet that does it for free.

Oh well, for now it looks pretty nice!!

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Doug said...

You forgot the before and after shots!