Saturday, January 2, 2010


First and 2009 I made over 500 posts on the blog. To be exact, 508. That works out to 1.39 posts per day. That was also after cutting back seriously after the month of May.

And now, here are ten things that happened in 2009 that I remember very well. Not in any particular order, just numbered. There's of course many more things, but these are things that stick in my mind for some reason.

1. I found a serious new hobby in magic...and spent way too much money on it.
2. Cathy and I celebrated our one year's to many more.
3. We hit Vegas again...and loved it so much we're going back in about 8 weeks.
4. I got the maximum possible bonus at work...then spent most of it on the Vegas trip.
5. My Grandma Burtch passed in peace grandma.
6. I got a new car...a station wagon.
7. We had a pet were a good hamster Ash.
8. We got some new pets...two rats, Arch and Ros.
9. We worked 10 hour days for six months...and didn't like it.
10. We got locked out of the house on a bike ride...and I fell through the ceiling trying to get back in.

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