Sunday, January 24, 2010

X. L. I. V.

In less than 14 days, the Super Bowl will take place.

The Colts have been my favorite team in the NFL since Peyton Manning came to The League.

But now here comes a conundrum.

The Saints have been one of those teams, much like the Arizona Cardinals, that I simply can't find any reasons not to cheer for. How can you not like Sean Payton?? How can you not be happy for a team that did so much to help the community after a devastating disaster just over four years ago?? How can you not cheer for a team that has long been known as The New Orleans 'Aints?? And last, how can you not cheer for Drew Brees??

Here we have a guy who played college ball at Purdue, and with me being in Big 10 Country I remember him well. I remember everyone saying "He'll never play in The League because he's too small at 5'11"." But San Diego took a chance on this guy who was too short, and what did he reward them with?? Only 3,000+ yards in each season that he played all 16 games, and another 2,100 yards in a season in which he only played in 11 games due to injury. What did San Diego do to reward him??? They drafted Philip Rivers and basically had Brees as a lame duck quarterback. He responded by continuing to play spectacularly, forcing San Diego to drop a franchise tag on him to keep him around.

In the last game of the 2005 season Brees injured his shoulder. Ultimately, this injury led the Chargers to let him go, the Miami Dolphins to pass him up, and he eventually landed in New Orleans. At this time, many people were claiming that his injury was going to severely hamper his ability to throw the ball. How did he respond to these ideas??

Only by throwing for over 4,000 yards in each of his four seasons with the Saints.

So here you have a guy that has been doubted at every step of his professional career...and all he does is continue to excel at one of the most difficult positions in all of sports. How can you not like a guy like that??

I guess what all of this is about is this simple fact: This is going to be the most enjoyable Super Bowl for me as a fan that I could possibly imagine. Why is that?? Quite simply, because I don't care who wins!!! Both of these teams are awesome teams that deserve to be crowned Champions. The only problem is that one of them can't be a winner.

Here's to Super Bowl XLIV!!!

Go Colts!!!!

Geaux Saints!!!!

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