Monday, January 4, 2010

O-fer Four...

I had a chance to win FOUR gold trophies in Yahoo Fantasy Sports this football season.

Instead, I come home with four silver trophies.

Yup, after my three losses in Fantasy Championship games last week, I finished off the season with a two point loss in my Pick'Em league.

That league really started to unravel last week when the Giants got crushed by the Panthers. I had 9 points on the Giants and the other guy had 8 on the Panthers. Well, that was a 17 point swing in his favor. He ended up ahead by 4 points at the end of last week. So this week I had to make some picks that were out there a bit...and I ended up cashing in...but only to the tune of a two point victory, so I ended up losing by 2.

I ended up 164-92. The worst part about this loss?? I MEANT to switch my pick in the Saints-Panthers game to Carolina when I read that Brees wasn't going to be playing, but I forgot to do it. Had I done that, I would have gained another 5 points (how many points I had on the game) and I would have won the league by 3 points. Oh well.

I guess four second place finishes are better than what could have been. It was a fairly successful season for me.

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