Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pit Boss on Animal Planet...

So "Pit Boss" started this weekend. It's a show about a little person, Shorty Rossi, who runs a talent agency and in his spare time runs a pit bull rescue.

Normally I wouldn't give a show like this a second look...however, I saw this show a few months ago, in a primitive form. This was the show that Cathy and I watched while we were in Vegas as part of a Nielson study on it. We both really liked the show when we watched it, and had been waiting for it to come out.

We thought that it had been cancelled, because when we looked for anything on it we couldn't find anything at all. Well, when we saw it the show was called "Shorty's Rescue." Since then they changed the name to "Pit Boss" which is what it's currently airing as. That, in my opinion, was a good thing because I remember that being one of the questions on the survey: "Would you be interested in watching a show called 'Shorty's Rescue' if you knew nothing about the show?" My answer to that was a resounding NO.

The pilot that we saw was an entertaining show...and so far the premier episode has been a slightly edited version of that pilot, and it's still entertaining.

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