Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Watch...

I had been planning on getting a new watch for myself for about a week now.

I found and really liked a watch by a company called Invicta. It's a Russian Diver watch. It's HUGE at 52mm across, but I just really like the way that it looked.

MSRP on it is $575. They go for about $200 on Ebay.

Amazon, on the other hand, carries them for the low low price of $100. I don't normally wear watches, so I figured that even that was a bit expensive for me, so I decided to wait on an Amazon gift card that I can get from the points on my Visa card.

Well, just now (3 AM Sunday) I logged onto to check the deal of the day...and what do you know?? The black Invicta Russian Diver is on sale for $70!!!!

I had wanted the stainless steel design, but if I can get the black for $70 shipped to me, I figured I might as well go for it, right??

It should be here on Wednesday.

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