Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From Starter...

I am an animal lover...and love dogs in particular. I have three dogs of my own, all rescued from a local shelter, and I'm actually disappointed in myself right now because I can't take in a fourth. I simply don't have room, but she needs help or she's probably going to die. But I can't have a fourth dog, it just wouldn't work.

With that said, I HATED Michael Vick for what he did. I thought he was the scum of the earth, and I thought that he should have had done to him what he had done to each and every one of those dogs.


He served his time. He paid the debt to society that the law levied on him.


He seems like he's changed. He seems more humble to me now. He seems like a person that had the world, then threw it away, and is now trying to get back what he once had because he now knows how lucky he was.

He also seems like he learned from his mistakes. I think he "learned" what he already "knew." He learned that fighting dogs is wrong. He knew it was illegal, but he learned that it's wrong.

I for one am willing to forgive him and give him another chance. But I will never forget what he did.

I think he deserves this second chance...let's just hope he handles it with care, because not many people are lucky enough to have what he had. Even fewer are lucky enough to get it back after they have lost it.

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