Friday, September 24, 2010

Update to My Video Game Preorders...

So I'm a bit upset right now.

I always think that if a company is taking preorders of something, they should ALWAYS have enough of the product to fill the preorders. Once the number of products is claimed, they should STOP TAKING PREORDERS.

That's not the case with Capcom's store, apparently, as today I got an e-mail from them letting me know that my "High Stakes Edition Dead Rising 2" was on back order.

Of course, there's no easy way to contact the company. You can send them an e-mail, but there's no information about how to cancel the order, how to call them on the phone, or anything like that.

So I did some searching online and I found a phone number that connected me to the company that runs Capcom's online store. I asked if they had any idea when the product would be back in stock, and the representative told me "We have never had a product through Capcom that was a preorder end up selling out and going on back order, so unfortunately we don't know when it will be available."

Well, that was that. I canceled my order right there and will probably just end up ordering a standard version of the game from Amazon. There's another collector's edition, "The Zombrex Edition," but it just doesn't really look very cool to me at all. So I guess I'll just save the $40 and get the regular one.

Oh well. I'm a bit bummed that I won't be able to get the version that I wanted, but saving $40 isn't too shabby.

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