Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rocky Top...

After our "Halo" campaign Tuesday night, my friends Elon and Alex came down to our house to go to dinner with Cathy and me.

Cathy and I have a nice little bar/restaurant near our house called Rocky Top that we have been to a few times over the years.

Well, last week we went there and they have a new menu and we really enjoyed it. The best part?? They have "Nuclear Chicken Wings." They are the hottest things I've ever had, and I loved them.

After I told Elon about them, he really wanted to try them so that's where we decided to go. We all had a great time and the food was excellent. Elon didn't fare quite as well with the nuclear wings as I did, but he still enjoyed them. Alex got a ham sandwich that had bacon on it...and bacon at Rocky Top isn't just's deep fried bacon. Yah, that's right.

I'll have to try a sandwich with the deep fried bacon the next time we go there. It looks incredibly good!!!

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