Sunday, September 26, 2010

New iPod Touch on the Way...

Today Cathy and I both ordered new iPod Touches. This is the newest iPod Touch. It has quite a few new features that we were both interested in.
I pretty much had to get one. The one that I got last year is about a month past it's warranty, which means it's the PERFECT time for it to start to die on me. The screen on it isn't working correctly any more, and a quick check on Apple's site shows that it would have cost me AT LEAST $100 to get it fixed, probably quite a bit more.
So I upgraded to the 4G version of the device, which gives me four times the storage space and all the new features.
I'm especially interested in the HD video that it can take. I have been making videos of the puppets that I've been making and posting them so that people can see what they look like, and to do it I have to use several programs. From what I've seen about the camcorder in the iPod, you can take the HD video, edit it, and upload it to YouTube all from the device itself...which will be GREAT!!!!
They should be here on Thursday, so I won't have to wait long. I will probably end up keeping my old one and using it solely as a music player...that way if it gets banged around a bit it won't matter at all.

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