Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not Much Luck...

...selling puppets lately.

I've listed the Dart that I have made on Ebay like 4 times now, and not had a single bid or offer for him.

Right now I have a Dart, a Vlad, and a Yeti Jr all on Ebay, and none of them have sold. Luckily, though, I just put the Yeti, Jr up tonight and he's already got someone watching maybe that's a good sign that he'll end up selling.

I would have thought that with Halloween coming up in a couple of months that the Vlad the Vampire puppet would be getting more attention.

I'm getting frustrated because I don't know why the puppets don't get much attention. I see other puppets that don't look as nice as what I'm making that end up selling for more than what I am asking for my puppets. I don't know if my pricing is still off...maybe a lower starting bid with the same Buy it Now?? I don't know if maybe the stuff I'm making just isn't really interesting to other people.

I was hoping to sell a couple more on Ebay and get some customers so that I could put up more testimonials on my site and hopefull attract even more business.

Oh's not like I'm really losing any money or anything like that. It's like 75 cents to list them on Ebay, and you get one relisting free when they don't sell. So all of my listings have cost me a total of about $5.

I'm also selling on another site, Etsy, which is only for home made items...and even on there the puppets don't seem to generate a ton of interest.

Oh well...I guess maybe I was getting ahead of myself and hoping for too much.

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