Sunday, September 19, 2010

That Time of Year Again...

So it's the time of year that all the great video games start coming out.
I've been ordering and preordering games all over the place the last couple of weeks.

It all started this past week with "Halo Reach." A great campaign and an online multiplayer mode that is growing on me. I'll say this as a major positive about the online multiplayer...playing with my real friends from work, Alex and Elon, makes up a bit for the fact that the multiplayer isn't as fun as I remember.

But now, let's move on to the games that I've preorderd that will be coming out in the next few months.

First off is "Dead Rising 2." It comes out September 28th, so this one is just around the corner. I actually preordered a very limited edition from Capcom's website that comes with a poker set from the casino in the game and a chance to win a HUGE zombie from the game. Should be a fun game. I've played a demo of it and found it pretty enjoyable. If nothing else, it's absolutely hilarious.
Next up is "Castlevania Lords of Shadow." It's a third person action game that looks like it takes the things I liked about "Dante's Inferno" and ups the ante with all kinds of more awesome. I got the special edition of this from Amazon, and it included $20 worth of game cash that can be used for a future purchase. It comes out on October 5th, so just a week after "Dead Rising 2."

After that there's a couple of weeks worth of wait time for November 5th, which is when "Goldeneye 007" comes out for the Wii. This is a remake of a classic Nintendo 64 game that was really the game that got me into shooters in the first place. The remake looks solid, and I'm hoping that it will be great in a nostalgiac but new kind of way. I'll be getting the edition that comes with the Golden Controller...

After that is another couple of weeks worth of waiting, until November 26th, when a workout game comes out for the Wii. Cathy has and enjoys EA Active for the Wii, and they are releasing a more "male" type version of that game. It's "EA Active NFL Training Camp." As you would imagine, it's a workout game based on the routines done in an NFL training camp. It looks really cool and comes with some great tools that should make working out fun.
And last, but I'm sure not least, is this game that I've been looking forward to for the Wii for a while. It's "Epic Mickey," which is a platformer featuring that lovable Mickey Mouse. I got the special edition of the game from Amazon and it comes out on November 30th.

After all of these games have arrived, I should have well over $40 worth of Amazon Game Dollars to spend on something else. I'm sure that in the next few months another game will come out that I'll want to buy, and the fact that I've preordered these games will come in handy when that other game will end up only costing me about $20 or so.

I'm looking forward to some great games this fall. Add to that the fact that "Bad Company 2" just announced some stellar downloadable content, and I think that I'll have my plate full for gaming this fall and winter!!!

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Doug said...

Cool, I think I will keep an eye out for the training camp one.