Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Sadness...

So today when we woke up something bad had happened.

Archibald, one of our two rats, had passed away. I don't know what happened. I had noticed a few days ago that he hadn't seemed to be interested in eating, but I thought maybe it was just because it was getting colder outside.

Cathy and I took him into the back yard and buried him. Then I cleaned out Roswell's cage and put Roswell back in the cage.

Then I got worried. I started looking online and found that rats don't do very well by themselves. Everything said that they can survive, but that they won't be happy and they won't live as long as they normally should.

So Cathy and I headed to Pet Supplies Plus and got Roswell a new friend. His name is Spencer, and he's a tiny little guy. We got Roswell out of the cage and introduced them, and there wasn't any fighting or we kept them out for a little while then put them into the cage and they are getting along great.

It's funny because Roswell is SO much bigger than Spencer...and Spencer spends most of his time laying on top of Roswell.

Hopefully they'll both live long and happy lives now...and we won't ever forget Archibald. Rest in Peace little buddy!!!!

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