Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cooper to the Vet...and Dillon, Too!!!

Well, Cooper continues to fall apart. He's got one nail that had gotten really bad, and he had some kind of infection that was causing him to break out in scabs on only his back.

So today he went to the vet. They yanked his nail off...and when they did, he made the most terrifying sound I've ever heard him make. He's yelped before when it came to dealing with these nails, but this one was different...it was guttural and seemed full of pain. Much more than his normal yelps. But it was only for a split second, then they wrapped his paw up and that was that.

They gave us some steroids and some antibiotics for his scabs, so hopefully those will help whatever is causing that clear up.

Last, but not least, he got his three year rabies booster.

Dillon also went to the vet, but only for a nail trimming and his rabies booster.

Oddly enough, this trip, even with a lot more stuff done...was the exact same price as the last time we went.

Last time we had Cooper's nails looked at and got the same medicine for his back problem, and it cost us $110 or so. This time, we had his nails looked at, Dillon's nails cut, two rabies shots, and MORE medicine than before (three weeks of treatment versus two last time) for $110 or so.

Seems strange that more stuff costs the same.

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