Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have kind of fallen behind on puppets.

I think it's been the better weather. I actually kind of look at puppets as more of a fall/winter type of thing.

I need to get started again, soon, though. I actually have a standing order for two of them, but I was told that there was no rush and that whenever they get done, they get done. I am planning on working on them soon, though. We move back to an earlier schedule on Saturdays at work soon...and I was thinking about working on them on Saturday evenings.

I need to make several for myself, though. I sold one of my favorite ones and had trouble assembling it, so I sent the customer my personal puppet. I need to replace that one. I also need to make a dinosaur puppet like I made for Mike for myself. That one came out so well I need to have one for myself.

I also have several models that are really close to being done, that just need a few more parts to be finished. Hopefully I'll be able to get those finished up and put on my website soon.

I have to admit...I had hoped the sales of them would take off a bit more than it did. It was frustrating to list them on Ebay and Etsy and simply never have them sell. I don't know whether I was marketing them wrong or what...but hopefully this fall I'll get them listed right and have them ready for Christmas, and maybe get a few more sales!!!

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