Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dirt Burners, Again...

Today Alex, Jason, and I went to Dirt Burners again.

This time we were all running our Slashes, and this time it wasn't quite as fun as it was the last time.

There were a couple of reasons for that...

First, the track was a LOT busier than it was last time. The first time, there were only six or eight trucks on the track at any one time. This time, there were a couple of times when I'd say there were about twenty trucks on the track. That made it really difficult to try and practice, especially when you aren't very good and are spending most of your time just getting in the way of the better drivers.

Second, all of us had quite a few technical problems this time. I broke a couple of parts, Jason broke some things, and Alex kept having some issues as well. It was a bit frustrating.

Overall, it was still a good time...just not as great as the first time.

Lucky for us, Alex found a local track in Lansing that we're going to try and go to sometime next week if the weather permits. That should be fun.

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