Monday, August 22, 2011

New Furniture...

Cathy and I have had our movie chairs in the living room for quite a while now. I want to say that we got them very shortly after we got married in 2008, so that makes them nearly 3 years old now.

The one that I normally sit in had gotten in pretty bad shape. From me flopping into it, the springs had gone bad, and from the dogs laying in it the vinyl covering had gotten really torn up.

Then the other day Cooper decided to go potty on my side, and it got all soaked into the foam and stuffing that was exposed due to the rips. I know it's not his fault, he's on some medications from the vet that cause him to drink lots of water and go potty a lot, but it still pretty much ruined the chair.

So Cathy and I decided to look for an inexpensive replacement for the chairs, and we ended up at Big Lots and picked up a pretty nice little love seat. They only had the floor model left, so we got an extra 10% off. It's pretty nice looking, and it's nice and comfortable. It's a big bigger than the chairs, but you can lay in it, which is awesome!!!

Here's a picture of it...

What was really crazy was how we got it home.

We just loaded it up on top of the Taurus Wagon, moved the luggage racks in between the legs of the love seat, and then drove REALLY slowly. We must've looked pretty crazy driving down the road with a love seat sitting on top of my car!!!

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