Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top Speed...

So tonight I was bored, so I strapped my phone to the monster truck after downloading a speedometer program.

I was running a 19t pinion with the 3500kv Tacon and the HW 60a ESC. Stock tires and wheels, with a 30c 2s LiPo battery.

I took it out to the street and hit it.

After a couple of runs??

36 MPH was listed as the "max" speed on the speedometer...and I'm guessing it's pretty accurate, because it was tracking about 8 GPS satellites while running.

That's pretty fast, if you ask me.

The motor was nice and cool, as well. 72 degrees outside, and when the pack was done I was showing 122 degrees on the motor, which means that when it's this temperature I could gear up even more and get even more speed out of the truck...but I think 36 MPH is probably fast enough, considering all I really do is drive it up and down the street at full speed until it crashes!!!!

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