Sunday, August 7, 2011

Traxxas Slash...

Today I got my Slash.

It's much more pretty than I had originally thought. The pictures on the Ebay auction simply didn't do it justice, and this one is one of those pictures.

On top of getting the Slash, I also got the Castle Creations Short Course Truck combo that I ordered specifically for the Slash.

This motor and ESC are designed specifically for a ton of torque in a SCT like the Slash.

I put it in, and took the truck out to test it out.

I wasn't impressed. It wasn't fast OR torquey. Instead, it was slow and sounded a bit "off."

After a few minutes of driving, I noticed one of the rear wheels looked a bit odd. I drove it back to me and realized the tires had never been glued to the that torque and speed I was missing?? It was there, it was just spinning the wheels inside the tires without the tires spinning.

I went in and glued up the tires and headed back out.

There it goes. The torque is insane. The truck will literally just flip itself over if you just peg the throttle. It's fast, but not super fast...probably because I have it geared the same as stock, so it's got a ton of torque but not a ton of top end.

Overall, I REALLY like this truck. It's amazing looking, and the motor combo is just awesome.

On Tuesday I'm taking it to Dirt Burners with me. It will be cool to see it handle the track.

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