Monday, August 10, 2009

I Must be Getting Old...

So I have been thinking a lot lately about possibly trying to get a new car. Not necessarily a NEW new car, but a new to me car.

I want something a bit bigger than the Kia, and I really would like an automatic so that Cathy can drive it easily if she needs to.

I'm a big fan of a few pretty "basic" American mid-sized sedans. I like the Ford Taurus and the Chevy Impala an awful lot. I think they are good looking functional cars that just have classic lines and not a lot of flash.

So as I was driving home from the water park today, I decided that maybe I should go out and explore some options. Cathy suggested that I look at the dealership that she bought her Civic from a few years ago and see if they had anything that I liked. So I checked out their website and found a car that I liked quite a bit. Miles are right, price is right, it's nice and clean. So we set out to go check it out, even though we knew the dealership was closed.

When we got there we found it right away and we looked it over. The interior is spotless. The exterior is flawless. Nice wheels. Nice tires. Lots of options that I'm not used to, like power locks and windows and stuff.

So, what is this car?? And why must I be getting old??

Well, for starters it's a Ford Taurus...but you should already know that this was a possibility if you've read the rest of this post.

So what could possibly make me say I'm getting old??

What if it was a Ford Taurus...station wagon???

I don't know why, but I'm really attracted to the car. Maybe it's because it's a nice big vehicle, completely different than either of the cars we have now. Maybe it's because it's got all kinds of uses that I can think of with the wagon more dogs in the back seat, kayaks in the rear area, things like that. But I think most of all, I like it because it's different. I've always liked things that are a little bit further off of other people's radars. A car like this is like that. It's cool, in it's own odd kind of way.

I think we're going to go test drive it on Thursday. If it drives nicely, maybe we'll try and work out some kind of deal.

Here's an edit...I just checked out my insurance, and surprisingly, the Taurus would actually be CHEAPER to insure than what I'm currently paying on my that's another positive to moving up to this car. It's a year newer, a lot more powerful, and a lot bigger...but it's cheaper to insure. Go figure.

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Doug said...

You're not old until you look for the fake wood paneling and trim !!!

On a side note, my parents had awful luck with their Ford Taurus Wagon and my sister in law's Ford would break down if you just looked at it wrong.

So, as a result, nobody in my family, would ever get another one.

But hey, everyone has their own experiences and opinions.