Friday, August 14, 2009


...with the new. That's how the end of the saying goes, right??

So today Cathy and I went and picked up my new (to me) car. It's not really new at all. It's a 2003. It's a Ford. It's a Taurus. It's a station wagon.

That's correct. I bought a 2003 Ford Taurus Wagon SE.

Me. A guy that owns two motorcycles and a scooter. A guy that rides longboards. A guy that loves football. I'm a station wagon owner.

And you know what?? I couldnt' be more happy with it. The car just screams "Jeff" if you ask me. It's a bit of an oddball, peculiar, and a bit out of place. It's not really all that cool, which means that it's pretty much perfect for me.

Over the last several years my ideas about cars have changed. When I was younger I wanted a cool car. I wanted a fast car. You know, the stuff that guys want in cars. But over the last few years I really started to look at a car as more of just a means from getting from Point A to Point B. I wanted it to be comfortable, nice, quiet, and ride really well.

The Taurus Wagon fits all of those perfectly. It's got a comfortable and smooth ride. It's nice and plush. It's quiet. It's got a nice engine. It's got some bells and whistles that I haven't had in a car in a LONG time.

Things like power seats. Power mirrors. Power windows. Keyless entry. Automatic transmission. V6 engine. Those are all things that I haven't had on a car in nearly seven years.

It also has several things that I've never had with a car before. Remote start for starters. I've put them in and known people that had it, but I've never had one myself. It's also got more room than any car I've ever had. It's got six seats in it. The optional third seat folds down into the back when you want to store stuff in the back end.

Basically, the car is pretty much perfect for me. It's in GREAT shape. Yes, it's a 2003...but it's only got 45,000 on the clock. I asked the auto guru that we work with about the car, and he said that the car should be really solid and go forever with just basic maintenance. It's really clean. Not many dings or scratches at all, and the small ones that are there I'm pretty sure will be able to be easily covered up with some nice wax and buffing work. The price was right and the car just seemed to fit for us, so we went ahead and picked it up.

We got it today just after 1:00 in the afternoon. We took it up to Lansing and my parents couldn't believe it was a 2003. It really does look that good.

I'll miss the Kia...but I welcome the Ford!!!

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Doug said...

Congratulations on your new addition to the household!