Friday, August 7, 2009

iPod Touch..

So I have had a pretty crappy 60gig iPod Classic for a while now. I don't like it. It's a piece of junk. It doesn't work very well, takes a long time to do things like change songs, and needs to be reset an awful lot.

So I told Cathy that I was going to buy myself an iPod Touch because it seemed so cool that she had ordered one for herself. She then told me that I had just ruined a surprise, because she had in fact ordered me an 8gig iPod Touch at the same time that she had ordered her 16gig. Of course I was sad that I had ruined the surprise, but I was exstatic that she had ordered one for me!! I wanted to get one before the plane trip to Vegas, so this works out perfectly!!

Well, it came in the mail today (she got overnight shipping for $4.00) and we both had a great time playing with them. I would say that we spent the majority of the day playing with the devices, and so far we are both really happy with them.

One thing that Cathy and I both really enjoy is playing video games. And even though it's designed as a music and media device, the Touch isn't a slouch when it comes to games. We each got several of them, and both of us would say that the games for it easily rival some of the games that we play on the Nintendo DS. I'm really impressed by all of the games that I have purchased for it in just this one day.

I have a jet fighter game called "F.A.S.T." that uses the accelerometers in the Touch to control the planes movements. I also got a racing game called "Fast and Furious" that uses the accelerometers to make the entire device act like a steering wheel. I got a game called "Minigore" that is a shooter similar to "Geometry Wars" on the Xbox 360 Arcade. I also got a game called "Hero of Sparta" which is a hack and slash game similar to "God of War" on the PS2.

You may be wondering why I got so many games...well, that's easy. It's because they aren't very expensive. On the four games that I bought, I spent a total of $5.30. Yup, three of the games were only 99 cents and one was $1.99.

This makes these games seem even more amazing, because I would fully expect to pay $20 or more for a similar game on the Nintendo DS or the PSP. The "Hero of Sparta" game has graphics that rival anything on the PSP, and they are probably better than anything on DS. The "F.A.S.T." game easily surpases anything, graphics wise, on any handheld I've ever seen. And the "Fast and Furious" game would easily match up with any racing game on a PSP or DS. "Minigore" is sold for the DS, but it's called "Geometry Wars," and it sells for $20.

So, needless to say, as a gaming device the Touch is easily able to go toe to toe with the big dogs in the handheld industry.

Oh yah, it's also a great music player. It's nice to have a device that actually works so that I can listen to music while mowing again.

I'm really happy that Cathy surprised me with this...I wasn't expecting it at all, and it's AWESOME!!!


Cathy said...

I'm glad you like it! I have a feeling we won't be able to put them down for quite awhile.

Doug said...

How come you only got the 8 gig and she got the 16? ;-)
Just kidding...
I've actually debated getting one myself. Perhaps I will make one a birthday or xmas present to myself.