Monday, August 17, 2009

So The Suzuki GS is...

This evening a guy named Dale from Ohio drove up and picked up the Suzuki.

I had decided that I was going to let it go for pretty much any price because I wanted to get the garage cleaned out so that we can park the Taurus and the Civic in there at the same time. So I threw it up for sale on the GS message board and Dale contacted me.

I sold it for quite a bit less than what I had into it, but it's alright because I wasn't going to do anything else with it, and I really just wanted it gone.

So in the process of waiting for him to show up I got the garage cleaned up pretty good. On Thursday I'll finish it up and then there should be ample room in there for both cars.

I'm going to use the money to pay off a credit card and maybe buy myself something. But I'm not sure what, maybe I'll save some for the trip to Vegas.

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