Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Work Done...

So having the Taurus made me really want to be able to park in the garage. We've had two cars in there before, but the garage has been taken over by junk, two motorcycles, a scooter, two bicycles, and a couch.

So yesterday while I was waiting for Dale to come pick up the Suzuki, which was surely going to create a little bit of room, I decided to get some cleaning done.

After a good couple of hours, I can actually fit both cars into the garage...but it's a tight fit right now. I still need to move a few things around in order to get it setup so that we can easily get into both cars. I think that the Ninja and the scooter need to be moved around a little bit in order to get everything in there without having to squeeze into things. I also need to rearrange my tools a little bit so that they aren't quite as strewn about.

Once I get those couple of things done, I'm sure I'll be able to fit everything in there with room to hopefully this Thursday I'll get it all set!!!

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