Monday, August 31, 2009

Still Haven't Gotten Out on the Surfboarder...

So I was planning on going out boarding today, and it was wonderful weather for it.

But I also had to mow the back lawn, which was beginning to look slightly like a rain forest. Seriously, some of the grass had gotten well over a foot tall. It of course was laying down on itself so it didn't LOOK that tall, but it was. I guess that's what happens when you plan to mow on your two days off and both days it rains all day. It had probably been over two weeks since I last mowed back there.

So I set out to do that around 4 or so, and it took me nearly two hours. It seemed like about every 20 feet I had to stop and let the mower unclog grass out of itself so that it wouldn't stall.

After that much time mowing, I was pretty tired!! I haven't had that much of a problem mowing the lawn in a LONG time.

So instead of being able to get out and have some fun on my board, I mowed the lawn. Oh well, I guess that's a little bit of exercise too, right??

I figure that maybe on Thursday or Friday, before we go to Vegas, maybe I'll head over to the park here...or maybe I'll go explore some of those other options that I thought of in that earlier post!!

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