Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Seizure for Cooper...

Tonight Cooper had a mild seizure. It was probably the "best" seizure that I've recalled him having. He only went through the initial stages and it only lasted a couple of minutes.

It happened while he was getting amped up over getting some dinner. The three dogs were all getting really wild, and he just had it. When he got done with it I fed him and he ate just fine, then went outside and peed a river.

This is his first one in over 6 months. The last one he had was back on March 30th of this year. So it's been over 8 months actually.

Again, I'm only really putting this into the blog so that I can keep track of WHEN we KNOW he has them, so that if they become more common we can let the vet know.

For now he seems absolutely fine...but I'll keep my eyes on him.

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