Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Had A Bad Day...

...in my fantasy leagues.

If you remember, I was playing for THREE Championships this week and was in a fifth place game.

Remember how last week I won every game I was in?? This week was the exact opposite. I lost EVERY game this week.

In my first private league I lose in the Championship game by a score of 95-70. It had a lot to do with a HORRIBLE showing by the Giants defense that netted me -1 point and the fact that Steven Jackson was projected to have 11 points but didn't even play. If those two parts of my team even get CLOSE to what they were projected to get, this game is probably tied. Oh well, I'll take a silver trophy in that league.

In my second private league, my alternate team was playing for the Championship. Going into the Monday night game I was up 72-71. I had Minnesota's defense and he had Minnesota's kicker. Well, if you watched the Monday Night game you know what happened. Final score, 78-72...another silver trophy.

In my first public league I was playing for a fifth place finish. I lost that one by 11 points to finish sixth. Oh well.

In my second public league I was in my FINAL championship game. At least this one was close...riiiiiight. I got beat by 60 points in a game that EVERY player on my team didn't come close to getting his projected score. ANOTHER silver trophy.

So four losses...three silver trophies. That's actually a pretty solid performance this season.

My final position in all of my leagues ended up:
First Private-2nd
Second Private-12th
Second Private Alternate-2nd
First Public-6th
Second Public-2nd

To make the week end on an even worse note...I picked the Giants and the guy in second picked the Panthers. We each had about 9 points on the game. We all know how that one ended...so my 15 point lead going into this week?? Let's just say it's now a 4 point deficit going into the final week of the season. At least I'm absolutely assured of a silver trophy at worst in that league...but I've still got a fighting chance to get the gold!!!

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