Tuesday, December 15, 2009

FFL Regular Season is Done...

So all of my fantasy regular seasons are done. This last week wasn't the greatest for me...

In my first private league I got HAMMERED. 155-73. I'll fall to third place and enter the playoffs. That's the good news. The bad news?? The guy that just destroyed my team will be my first round opponent.

In my second private league, my team is done. My OTHER team won it's first playoff game 83-68. I'll move on to the next round and face the #2 overall seed. It should be a pretty close game.

In my first public league, I lost to fall to 7-7 and end up missing the playoffs by two games. Not too shabby, really, considering that I lost four games in a row in that league leading up to last week.

In my other public league, I lost to drop to 10-4. However, the guy that was tied with me also lost, so I'll go into the playoffs as the #1 seed. I have several hundred more points on the season than the guy I'll be playing...but nothing is ever a given.

That makes me 1-3 for this week...however, the one win was the one that was the most important, because it was in a playoff game.

For the season I am now at 39-30, which is good for a .565 winning percentage. Not too great, but not too bad. I am also in the playoffs with three of my five teams, which is pretty good.

In my Pick'Em league the Cards lost tonight so I didn't gain any more points, but EVERYONE in the league had the Cards picked so I lost 6 points to the guy in second place this week, but stay at 11 points up overall in the league.

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