Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hanging On By a Thread... my Pick'Em league.

After jumping out to a 17 point lead going into this week, I played it safe with most of my picks. However, the guy in second place went out on a limb with a couple of picks, and as such going into the game tonight he had picked up 11 points on me which had pulled him within 6 points of me.

Worse yet?? We had different picks for the Sunday night game...each with 5 points on the game. If he won, he'd pull within 1 point of the overall lead...if I won, I'd pull back to an 11 point lead overall.

Luckily, I had the Eagles picked and he had the Giants picked. At the end of that game, I was back to an 11 point overall lead. We both have the Cardinals picked for tomorrow night...I have 8 points on them and he has 7 points on them. So if the Cards can manage a win, I'll be back up to a 12 point overall lead. He'll have gained 5 points on me overall, but that's better than what could have been!!!

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