Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fantasy Week Results...

So now that the first game of the week is almost over (Jets-Bills) I think it's time to update what ended up happening this weekend in my fantasy leagues.

As I posted earlier, it wasn't very pretty...but it wasn't all bad.

In my first private league, I ended up winning and going to 6-6. Amazingly that puts me solidly in second place. Two more games before the playoffs, and it would appear that if I win one of them I'll be in really solid position to make the post season.

In my second private league, with my team I ended up winning to go to 5-7. I'm out of the playoffs with that team, but that doesn't mean I can't play spoiler for a few other teams. With my other team I ended up losing to drop to 8-4 and have not yet secured a playoff spot. However, even if I lose next week the team that is in 9th place will need to score nearly 300 points to overtake me, so I'm pretty sure I'll end up in the playoffs with that team.

In my first public league I dropped my fourth straight game to fall to 6-6. I'm not out of the playoffs yet, but I need to win my last two and have the guy ahead of me lose at least one of his games in order to get I'm not really counting on much.

In my other public league I dropped my second straight game to fall to 9-3, however I'm in first place still and have secured a playoff spot.

That brings my overall record for the season to 34-26. I have basically secured two playoff spots and I'm looking solid for a third one. Not too shabby so far...lets just hope I can bring home a trophy or two.

Also in my Pick'em league I ended up staying ahead by 10 points. The guy in second and me had different teams for the Monday Night game...luckily I had the Saints and he had the Pats, so I gained the point I had lost back. The guy in third is now 58 points behind me, so he's effectively out of the running. Basically, me and the guy in second are fighting for the gold the other two have fallen so far behind that they can't seem to get back into it.

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