Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back Up and Running...

We got a new router tonight from Best Buy. We opted to go for a bit more expensive one, mainly because it was on a better sale than the less expensive options. Basically, the $100 one was on sale for $90 but the $125 one was on sale for $100.

It's a Linksys and we got it home and installed in less than 20 minutes, and it's working flawlessly. Everything connects to it very well and it's got strong signals. The only thing that wasn't getting a really strong signal was the Xbox that is now located in the basement. So I ran up to Target and got a 16 foot USB extension cable and ran that up into the ceiling, and low and behold the Xbox down there is now got a solid 4 green bar connection.

So, after a couple hundred bucks and a good amount of time we've got EVERYTHING in the house running wireless and running well. I guess that's not so bad, considering we probably needed a new router anyways, and now the Xbox downstairs is running well. After all the issues last night we looked around a bit and found that the router that we did have had HORRIBLE reviews. Most of those reviewers were also experiencing the same things we were.

The connection to the Xbox in the basement was a bit of a hassle, but in the end we got it working which is really all that we can ask.

Who'd have ever thought that my friend Alex giving us an Xbox would cause us to:
A. Spend $275 on a new TV
B. Spend $100 on a new router
C. Spend $100 on an Xbox Wireless Adapter
D. Spend $20 on some USB extension cables
E. Spend about 6 hours working on getting a computer running again

It doesn't really matter, though. It was all stuff that we were probably going to do in the next few months anyways. I guess we just got to it sooner than later!!

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