Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xbox 360...

Cathy and I had been thinking about getting another Xbox 360 to have in the house. She wants it to hook up in the basement so that she can watch Netflix while she's down there doing puzzles or working out or whatever.

We were pretty sure we were going to get one sometime in the next few months as we continue to slowly work on getting the basement set up the way that we want it.

Well, today we went to work and our friend Alex had been busy handing out Christmas presents to all of his close friends. He saved Cathy and I till last and got us right as we were leaving.

Alex gave us an Xbox 360. It was the one that he HAD been using for the last few years. He recently had some trouble with it and just went out to buy a new one. After he bought the new one he took his broken one apart and found out that it was just a tiny little problem inside of it, and he went about fixing it so that it works perfectly. He decided that he would be keeping the new one anyways because it has a larger hard drive on it, so he figured that since we were looking for one that maybe we could get some use out of it.

Cathy and I were really surprised. We were planning on buying it from him when he first told us that he got it working again, but the fact that he gave it to us is super cool. We'll definitely be hooking it up in the basement really soon and getting everything down there running and in order sooner rather than later now.

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