Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Weekend of Playoffs...

So the weekend is almost done, which means that the first weekend (or second in some private leagues) worth of playoffs are almost done as well.

Here's how things are looking for me right now...with ONLY the NY Giants vs Redskins game tomorrow left to be played.

In my first private league, I am currently winning by 5 points. I have the Giants defense left to play who are projected to get 11 points. He has Redskins Tight End Fred Davis left to play who is projected to get 6 points. I honestly am lucky to be going into the final game with this as tight as it is. Going into the Sunday Night game I had nobody playing and he had Brett Favre AND DeAngelo Williams. Those two players alone were slated to get 26 points which would have buried me. HOWEVER...Williams got hurt early and only got 1 point, and Favre had an old fashioned Favre-type game and only ended up with 5 points. Those two stats keep me very much in this game and very much in the hunt for the Championship game.

In my second private league, my alternate team has secured a spot in the Championship game with an 83-69 victory over the #2 seed. I will move on to play the #4 seed team who ended the season with the same 8-5 record as me...but scored about 100 less points. It should be a very good game for the Championship...and I like the fact that Carson Palmer is on my team going against the Chiefs. I also have Larry Fitzgerald going against the Rams. Gotta like those potential numbers. I can finish no worse than second, so I'll be adding another trophy to my case no matter what!!

In my first public league, the league where I missed the playoffs by one game, I am smashing the guy in the consolation round. I am currently up by 62 points with one guy left...he's got nobody left to play so that means I've won. I will finish no worse than sixth overall in that league.

In my second public league, I am up 93-66. He has Giants receiver Dominic Hixon left to play, who is projected to get .76 points. I would like my chances if that were all that was left...however...I also have Quinton Ganther, the Redskins running back, and Brandon Jacobs, the Giants running back, both left to play. Those two are slated to get 22 points for me, so I'm basically pretty much sure I'll be going to the Championship game in that league as well...which will assure me another trophy to add to my case!!

In my Pick'em league I led by 11 points going into this week. The Vikings loss tonight hurt me a bit...but only from running away with the week. I am currently up by 8 points for the week, 76-68. We both have the Giants picked tomorrow night. I have 11 points on them...he has 15 points on them. That means that IF the Giants win, the final for the week will be 87-83. I am already assured a victory overall for the week, and I'll go into next week with a 15 point overall lead. If the Giants lose...I'll be even better off. Not too shabby. I really wish the Vikings could have come through tonight for a win. That would have given me another five points and could have sent me into next week with nearly a 20 point lead. But I guess had they won, I probably wouldn't have been so fortunate in my first private league's playoff it's alright.

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