Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

So today is case you hadn't noticed.

Cathy and I opened our gifts to each other right after midnight. Then this morning we headed to my parents house for gifts and dinner.

I got Cathy some Swarovski stuff...a charm necklace and a star charm. I also got her a giant stuffed monkey and a bunch of stocking stuffers. She also got a strategy guide for a game that she's been playing, but I gave that to her a few weeks ago.

She got me a few magic tricks, a small solar powered radio controlled car, a football trivia book, and some really cool wireless headphones so I can watch TV at night in bed and hear it instead of turning on closed captioning. She also got me a bunch of stocking stuffers as well.

I thought we both got each other some pretty good gifts.

Then at my parents we both got quite a few things. I got a floor jack for the garage...mainly so that my dad can take his back!! I got a Lego set from my grandparents and $50. They also got both of us a toaster oven...not one of the ones for toast, but one of the actual oven ones. My parents also got both Cathy and me one of those portable DVD players which will be nice for the trip to Vegas. It's a really nice one...with a big screen. They also got us headphones to go with them. My parents also got us a really awesome shower head that's one of those rainfall like ones. They have one in their house and I liked my mom got us the new version of it.

I got some other stuff, too, but I'm pretty tired and right now I can't really think of everything that I got.

Everything I got for my family they seemed to like. So all in all it was a pretty good Christmas!!!

We are going to Cathy's dad's house on Tuesday to celebrate with him.

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