Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Loving the Cardinals Tonight...

Today in my Pick'em league I was in a pretty bad spot.

I had a two point lead for the week over the guy that's right behind me, but he had 10 points on the Vikings tonight and I also had the Vikings, but with only 4 points on them. So if Minnesota would have won the game I would have been down by 4 points for the week.

We have different picks for tomorrow, with me having Green Bay with 5 points and him having Baltimore with 3 points.

So, had Minnesota won tonight he would have had a chance to gain 7 points on me for the week, which would have pulled him to within 3 points of me. But, since the Vikings lost, the most he can do is win tomorrow which would give him a one point win for the week. That would get him to 9 points back.

However, if Green Bay wins tomorrow, I'll end up winning this week by 7 points which will put me back to 17 points ahead.

We've been separated by 10 points since November this is the first time that anything is really going to change at all.

I'm really glad the Cardinals handled the Vikings the way they did...they at the very least gave me room to breathe for the week!!

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