Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Entertainment Stand...

So Cathy and I are probably going to be getting a Blu-Ray DVD player soon. We were originally going to get a PS3 to do the job, but our surround sound system hasn't been operating correctly for a while now, so now we're leaning towards getting a surround sound system in a box that has a BRD player built into it. We found an LG one at Best Buy that we liked quite a bit this afternoon.

We also have been planning on doing something different with the TV setup in the basement. Maybe adding a 32" LCD down there to replace the 20" tube TV that's down there now. We found a nice 32" TV with a built in DVD player at Best Buy as well.

We also have been planning, regardless of which TV is down there, on putting a different TV stand down there. So tonight while we were at Meijer we found a really cool TV stand that we both liked quite a bit. It's pretty stylish looking. Best part?? It was on sale from $140 for only $100. We also had a $5 off coupon. So we took some measurements of it then came home and measured it out and decided that it would work.

So we headed back to the store and bought it. As it turned out, Meijer was actually having some Santa Bucks deals going on so we got ANOTHER $20 off the total price. We got the whole thing with tax and everything for less than $80.

We loaded it into the car and went home to put it together. When I started getting the box opened, I thought I heard some funny sounds. Of course, when I got to the glass panels that the stand uses for shelves they were completely shattered. So back to the store we went.

We got it replaced with the other one that was on the shelf and took that one home. That one had no problems and within an hour I had it built. We then took the stuff off of the old shelf and put it on the new one.

It looks very nice in the living room and works perfectly with all of our modern components. It will look even better if we end up going with the Blu-Ray surround sound system, because the one that we found is VERY modern looking.

I'm pretty happy with the stand. It works great and makes the things look a bit less cluttered.

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