Monday, December 21, 2009

Championship Week...

Next week is Championship Week for MOST fantasy football leagues. It is for ALL of my leagues.

I am happy to report that this week, I went 4-0!!! I won every single game, and I won them all when it mattered the most.

In my first private league, thanks to the Giants defense I pulled out an improbable win. I will play for the Championship next week against the #1 seed. He went 13-1 through the regular season with the most points. Luckily for me, the most points was only a total of 32 more than my team I've got a chance. Either way, I'm guaranteed a trophy in the it's just down to gold or silver.

In my second private league, as I reported yesterday my alternate team is on it's way to the Championship game. I'm guaranteed a trophy in that league as well...again, it's down to gold or silver.

In my first public league I destroyed my opponent. I won by 70 points. I'll play for fifth place next week, and the worst that I can finish is sixth. No trophy, but not too shabby.

In my other public league, I also destroyed my opponent by 40 points. I'll play for the Championship next week, and again can finish with nothing less than a silver trophy. I'll play the #3 seed. We split the season series with both of us winning by about 20 it should be a solid game.

So luckily, I will finish with THREE more trophies this season, which I consider a solid season. Now, let's just hope I bring home some gold hardware!!!

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